World’s Fastest Street Car Pirinfarina Battista Debuts at Geneva Motor Show 2019

The luxury electric vehicle made its debut at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show 2019 on Monday and will arrive in stores in 2020, becoming the world’s most powerful road-legal car.

Cambiano-based automaker Pininfarina Spa unveiled the Battista (Baptist), stunning audiences at the Motor show as the most powerful all-electric hypercar on earth.

Pininfarina will manufacture the Battista in strictly limited numbers, with no more than 150 being showcased at the company’s atelier service in Turin, Italy.

The hypercar can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (62 m/h) in less than two seconds due to a 1,900-horsepower engine capable of travelling 450km per charge, and is a first in Pininfarina’s range of innovative zero-emissions electric cars.
The Pirinfarina Battista “realises a dream”, company manager Paolo Pininfarina said on Monday, and the hypercars “Race-to-Road” technologies were secured in partnership with Mahindra Racing and advisory team Peter Tutzer, Nick Heidfeld, and Rene Wollman.

The automaker uses a PURA design philosophy, meaning “Purity, Beauty, and Rarity”, according to the company, which Automobili Pininfarina design director Luca Borgogno incorporated into the Battista.

Automobili Pininfarina’s Design Director, Luca Borgogno, said: “We wanted Battista to be very Italian, with sensual curves to give back a feeling of the cars of the ’60s and the moment in time when sensual design in cars was to the fore and when Pininfarina really became iconic.”
“The body form speaks this Italian language, with the details developed in collaboration with each car’s owner adding the accents and personality,” he added.

Nearly ninety years after the auto firm’s founding, Pirinfarina has unveiled three Battista specifications at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, which aims to showcase the car’s world-class engineering and design team.

The world premiere of the Battista was a “pivotal moment in the evolution of performance cars driven by EV technology,” Dilbagh Gill, CEO & Team Principal, Mahindra Racing Formula E Team said.

Source: News Agencies