Turkish occupation mercenaries target Um al-Khair village in Tal Tamir countryside with heavy weapons

Terrorist organizations operating under the command of the Turkish occupation troops have attacked with heavy weapons Um al-Khair village, west of Tal Tamir town in Hasaka northern countryside in a time when the Turkish occupation is working on sending hundreds of terrorists to Idleb to compensate for the high number of deaths in their ranks as a result of the operations of the Syrian Arab Army in the areas of their deployment.

SANA’s reporter in Hasaka said that mercenaries of the Turkish occupation on Tuesday morning targeted with heavy weapons Um al-Khair Village, west of Tal Tamir causing huge damage to the houses of the civilians.

Terrorist groups affiliated with the Turkish occupation troops on Monday burned a number of houses in the village of al-Arisha on the road of Ras al-Ayn-Tal Tamir in a time when the Turkish occupation forces are trying to bring more of terrorists’ families and make them live in the houses of the locals in Ras al-Ayn City as on Tuesday they put about 150 of the terrorists’ families in the houses of the locals in the northern side of the city.

On the other hand, local sources and pages on the social networking websites which belong to terrorist organizations said that terrorists’ leaders of the so-called “National Army” have selected 1500 members of terrorist groups positioned in Hasaka northern countryside and equipped them with heavy and medium weapons and prepared them to be sent to Idleb city to compensate for the shortage in the ranks of the collapsing terrorist groups due to the victories and progress achieved by the Syrian Arab Army units during their operations in Idleb southern countryside.

On Dec. 24th, Turkish occupation forces transferred about 100 of terrorists from “Jaish al-Islam” terrorist organization from the areas where they are positioned in Hasaka northern countryside to make them engage in battles in Idleb southern countryside in an attempt to support the collapsing terrorist organizations there.

Source: News Agencies