Ten Killed, 25 Injured After Car Explodes in Syrian Town Near Turkish Border – Reports

The Syrian town of Tell Abyad near the border with Turkey was retaken by the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army from the Syrian Democratic Force in mid-October as part of Operation Peace Spring.

A car explosion that left at least 10 people dead and 25 injured has been reported in the town of Tell Abyad, Syria, close to the border with Turkey.

“Ten people were killed and 25 were injured as a result of a car bomb exploding in the north Syrian

city of Tal Abyad,” a source from the Middle Eastern country’s opposition Free Syrian Army said.Following the blast, the roads leading to and from the town were closed by the local authorities, while those gravely injured were sent to a hospital in the nearby Turkish town of Akçakale.

No terrorist group has claimed responsibility yet.

​In mid-October, the town of Tell Abyad was retaken by the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army from the Syrian Democratic Force as part of Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring.

Ankara launched its offensive in northeastern Syria on 9 October to create a safe zone free of the Kurdish militants that it viewed as terrorists.

Just over a week later, the United States and Turkey agreed to a 120-hour ceasefire in the area to allow the withdrawal of the Kurdish fighters.

As the ceasefire came to an end, Turkey and Russia signed a 22 October memorandum in Sochi stipulating that, within 150 hours, the Kurdish forces would be withdrawn to a distance of 30 kilometres from Syria’s border with Turkey to the west and east of the operation zone.
Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Kurdish forces’ withdrawal from Syria’s north had been nearly completed, and only some minor presence was still possible. The minister also stressed that the resumption of Turkey’s offensive against the Kurdish militants was out of the question.

Source: News Agencies