Tayy Clans in Aleppo reject US-Turkish schemes, affirm standing by Syrian army

Participants in the Tayy Clans Forum which was held in Aleppo southern countryside on Sunday affirmed that Syria is a homeland for all of its citizens who adhere to its unity and who reject all forms of hegemony on it , affirming diametric rejection of the US and Turkish interference in the Syrian affairs under any pretext.

“The borders of the Syrian Arab Republic are protected by the international legitimacy resolutions, and we will not allow to change them or to draw alternative maps or to establish the so-called safe zones or any other schemes, and the Syrian people only are entitled to decide their future,” the concluding statement of the forum read.

The statement called for enhancing the concept of the popular resistance, shedding light on the main role of the national tribes and clans in foiling all the schemes hatched by those who are conspiring against Syria.

The statement asserted that Syria is a homeland for all the Syrians and it guarantees the equality in the rights and duties and that the banner of the homeland is the national flag of the Syrian Arab Republic which is a symbol of the unity, freedom, sovereignty and language.

Participant in the Forum called for restoring the authority of the state on all of its territories and to forgive all of those who haven’t participated in the bloodshed.

They called upon the international organizations to expand the humanitarian aid, affirming that the mineral resources belong to all the Syrian people and that the Western states should lift the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people.

In statements to SANA, a number of the participants expressed rejection of the foreign interference in Syria, expressing their standing by the side of the Syrian army in defending the homeland in the face of the terrorist war waged against Syria.

Source: News Agencies