Sudan’s Defence Chief Announces Creation of Military Council to Rule for 2 Years

Previously, the media reported that the government had been dismissed and President Omar Bashir removed from all positions amid reports of a coup that took place after several months of mass protests.

“The regime is still not addressing [the existing problems], so it was decided that during the two-year transitional period, the armed forces will lead the country”, Defence Minister Lieutenant General Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf said.

He confirmed that President Omar Bashir has been arrested by the military, also announcing the end of the old government and the establishment of a military council, which will lead the country for at least the next two years.

“I declare a state of emergency in the country for three months and a curfew from 22:00 to 4:00 for the period of one month with a ban on movement”, the general added.The defence chief urged the sides to reach a ceasefire, saying that a state of emergency has been introduced in the country for three months.

According to reports in Arabic-language media, about 100 officials have been detained by the military, while Bashir has been put under house arrest.

Source: News Agencies