Sudanese Military Arrests Senior Officers After Failed Coup

The Sudanese army has arrested several senior officers and politicians after thwarting a coup attempt last month, state media reported Wednesday.

The plotters wanted to undo the April revolt, which toppled Sudan’s longtime ruler Omar Bashir, and bring his party back to power, the Suna news agency cited the army’s statement as saying.

The coup attempt reportedly involved chief of the joint staff Hashim Abdul-Muttalib, high-ranking national security and intelligence officers and leading figures of Bashir’s National Congress and its affiliate, the Islamic Movement.

The military took over after months of popular revolt ended Bashir’s almost 30-year rule, but uncertainty about the African nation’s transition to civil government kept protesters in the streets.

The standoff between the military and the opposition culminated in a deadly break-up of a sit-in outside the army office in Khartoum. The military agreed to a power-sharing deal with protesters under pressure from the African Union.

Source: News Agencies