Significant Differences Remain’ Between Russia and US Over Syria Plan

Russia and the United States continue to stay fundamentally at odds over plans to resolve the Syrian crisis, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Thursday.
Ryabkov told reporters that the allegedly errant US airstrike on Syrian government troops and a deadly attack on a humanitarian aid convoy near Aleppo that marred last week’s ceasefire agreement dealt a blow to the September 9 accord.
“We believe that the text is sufficiently balanced and presents probably the utmost in the current circumstances of acute crisis, continuing tragedies and most importantly – a situation where significant differences remain between Russia and the United States on a conceptual plan in terms of what and how to act in order to address the problem,” he said.
There is no alternative to a Russian-US ceasefire deal in Syria despite significantly lower chances of its success after recent strikes blamed on both countries, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said.