Russian Foreign Ministry Summons US Diplomat Over Attempt to Meddle in Moscow’s Internal Affairs

Since Russia sees the US Embassy’s move to publish information about the unauthorised rally in downtown Moscow on 3 August as an attempt to meddle in Russia’s internal affairs, the head of the political section at the embassy, Tim Richardson, has been summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“On August 9 , Head of Political Section at the US Embassy in Russia Tim Richardson was summoned to the foreign ministry. He faced a representation over the fact that information related to the August 3 unauthorized rally in Moscow has been published on the official Twitter account of the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs and on the website of the diplomatic mission”, Moscow said.

The ministry stressed that it regarded the publishing of the rally’s route provided by its organisers, as a call to participate in it, qualifying the move as an attempt to meddle in Russia’s affairs.

Unsanctioned rallies, organised by the opposition, took place in the Russian capital on 27 July and 3 August, with protesters taking to the streets in order to support several nominees who have been disqualified from running in the elections to the city legislature. In order to take part in the vote scheduled for 8 September, each candidate must collect a certain number of signatures in order to be registered, and they were not allowed to run as large parts of their signatures were found to be flawed or false.

Source: News Agencies