Roadside Bomb Targets Pilgrim Bus in Iraqi City of Balad – Reports

A bus carrying pilgrims exploded after triggering a land mine south of the Iraqi city of Balad, resulting in several casualties, the Iraqi Alsumaria broadcaster reported citing a source in the Security Service.

“An explosive device placed close to the roadside south of the city of Balad blasted as a bus with pilgrims passed by. This led to the deaths of several passengers, and some were injured,” the source stated.
According to the broadcaster, the pilgrims were en route towards the Shiite shrine of Mohammed bin Ali al-Hadi.

Security Service personnel have been dispatched and are making their way to the scene of the incident. The injured have been hospitalised at nearby medical facilities.

This is not the first time a pilgrim bus has been targeted in Iraq. In November 2017, at least 30 Iranian pilgrims were injured in a bus attack in eastern Iraq as they were on their way to attend the Shia Muslim religious observance of Arbaeen.
Source: News Agencies