Qaderi: Terrorist war on Syria targeted infrastructure and development

Head of General federation of Trade Unions Jamal al-Qaderi affirmed on Thursday that the terrorist war on Syria has targeted infrastructure of its national economy and what has been built by Syrian workers throughout decades.

“The terrorists have targeted factors, companies, schools, roads, bridges and universities… they have looted the main economic resources like oil, gas and the basic needs of food security,” al-Qaderi said in a speech at the 108th session of International Labor conference ( ILC) being held in Geneva.

He added that the terrorist attacks were synchronized with the economic, unilateral blockade on the Syrian people as well as with the Israeli aggression on Syrian territories in flagrant support to the terrorist organizations.

Al-Qaderi stressed that the appendix of the report of International Labor Organization’s director which is presented to the conference shows the impacts of the Israeli hostile policies where citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan are suffering from repressive measures of the occupation.

Source:News Agencies