Priyanka Chopra Draws Flak for Asthma Hypocrisy After Smoking Photo Goes Viral

A Bollywood icon, Chopra participated in an asthma awareness TV campaign for Cipla called #BerokZindagi in an attempt to break the stigma surrounding the illness and inhaler usage.

Indian actress and asthma awareness campaigner Priyanka Chopra has outraged the internet after being caught smoking a cigarette in Miami.

Mrs Chopra is asthmatic and has dedicated significant amounts of time to spreading information about asthma including an ad campaign in 2018.

Netizens had no mercy for the actress, making fun of her and branding her a “hypocrite” after she was pictured next to her husband, Nick Jonas, sneakily smoking a cigarette.

Fans have recalled the actress’s 2010 tweet where she said “smoking is awful!! Yuck!!”, which has subsequently been deleted.Others made fun of her attempts to get people to stay away from fire crackers during Diwali, which she said can harm asthma sufferers.

Source: News Agencies