New batch of humanitarian aid distributed in three towns in Daraa countryside

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC)- Daraa Branch has distributed a new batch of humanitarian aid among the needy families in the northeastern countryside.

Head of SARC-Daraa Branch Dr. Ahmad al-Masalmeh, told SANA’s reporter that “a convoy including 16 trucks laden with 10,350 food and flour baskets were distributed among the needy people in towns of Ibtaa, al-Gharia al-Sharqia and al-Gharia al-Gharbia”.

“These aid baskets, which are supported by World Food Program (WFP), are part of the 4th batch that is allocated for the needy people in all around the Province,” al-Masalmeh said.

On November 24th, SARC distributed an aid convoy of 14 trucks among 9,500 families in 7 towns in Daraa countryside.

Source: News Agencies