Moscow: Illegtimate foreign military presence on Syrian territory threatening the return of Daesh spread

Russian Foreign Ministry said that Turkish aggression and illegitimate foreign presence on the Syrian territory threaten the return of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization’s spread and help the return of the fighting capability of it.

RT quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov as saying hundreds of Daesh terrorists had fled from prisons as a result of Turkish operation in the northeast of Syria and that causes a deep concern to Russia , especially given the possibility of those fleeing terrorists will help restoring the combat capability of Daesh organization.

He added that all that became possible due to the escalation of tension and the illegal foreign military presence in Syria.

Syromolotov stressed that combating this terrorist threat is through establishing control of the Syrian state over all of it territory and commitment of all to respecting the country’s sovereignty and unity.

He indicated that illegitimate US presence on the Syrian lands and its attempts to control oil fields will impede the fight against terrorism and reach a political settlement to crisis in Syria.

Source: News Agencies