Moscow calls on US to end its occupation of al-Tanf in Syria

-Russia on Wednesday called on the US to end its occupation of al-Tanf region in Syria near borders with Jordan.

“Moscow demands Washington to end its occupation of al-Tanf in Syria,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Vershinin, said in a press statement, affirming that this territory is Syrian and the US presence in it is illegitimate.

Sputnik quoted Vershinin as adding that the US troops are present in an illegal manner and they close the road which links Syria with Iraq.

In a relevant context, Vershinin said at a press conference on the 75th anniversary of the UN foundation that all Syrian territories should be subjected to the Syrian sovereignty, affirming that Russia is committed to respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Vershinin, in a press statement to SANA correspondent in Moscow on the Committee of discussing the constitution that will hold its first meeting in Geneva soon, that the time of the meeting and the formula of the rules of committee’s work was specified.

“Russia will support the committee’s decisions,” He added.

Source: News Agencies