Morocco’s unique Toubkal mountain experience must be on your bucket list

Morocco's unique Toubkal mountain experience must be on your bucket list
Morocco’s unique Toubkal mountain experience must be on your bucket list

Omar Bihmidine

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Conquering the Toubkal mountain on the outskirts of Morocco’s ochre city, Marrakech is one of the greatest pleasures one, particularly tourists and foreigners, can ever have in life. It is a worthwhile experience, according to a large number of area explorers and well-known mountain climbers.
One of the facilities is the Toubkal refuge, a name given to a breed of deer which live on the Atlas mountain peaks among Berbers. It is so called by a mountain lover who built that refuge with the hope of preserving nature. The refuge is 3207 meters high. The area offers rooms and showers for families and dormitories to accomodate a large number of people.
As one of the world’s natural miracles, the Toubkal refuge has always transfixed passers-by and stuntsmen. It always leaves a spell on mountain vultures. This impressive mountain holds the High Atlas populations together. Its summit reaches 4167 meters which overlooks all the lands of the Haouz by the north.
Mount Toubkal is the highest in North Africa. Visiting the area or trying one’s hand at climbing the impressive monster is one of once-in-a-lifetime experiences one can ever have. The first ascent was made by Europeans and dates back to June 1923 by the Marquis de Segonzac, Vincent Berger and Hubert Dolbeau. Yet, according to locals, the mountain must have been conquered before that date.
Stuntsmen usually approach the mountain adventurously, beginning their trek along the Berber village of Imlil. Experienced guides and porters are at hand to help carry equipment and food supplies and show the labyrinth of the mountains. For inexperienced mountaineers, an orientation is an indispensable part of the adventure given the risks and threats of nature.
There are many retreats on the way to the highest peak of Toubkal Mountain. They are gorgeous, fantastic and enriching. The Kasbah, for instance, was built by Berbers and Europeans. It is one of the retreats managed by locals who consider the beauty of the Toubkal National Park as one of the pleasures everyone should have.
Having contributed to strengthening the local infrastructure, including schools, the Kasbah has won several environmental awards. The retreat is so precious and beneficial that it has at its disposal a variety of rooms, ranging from their simple and comfortable dormitories to luxurious suites, which only the wealthy can access.
The unique trekking experience in Toubkal gives one a great opportunity to explore, not only Morocco’s most enthralling city, Marrakech, but also the neighbouring Atlas Mountains. This is also a chance to usher in our fascinating Moroccan culture, particularly food and way of living, to foreigners. In reality, climbing Toubkal in Morocco is an exhilarating insight into the field of mountaineering.