Mini-Committee of Discussing Constitution continues activities for third successive day

The Mini-Committee of the expanded of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution on Wednesday continued activities for the third successive day at the UN headquarters in Geneva with the participation of the Syrian Government-backed delegation and other delegations.

SANA’s delegate to Geneva said that the committee will hold a morning and evening work sessions and will take a break between them, indicating that the sessions of the committee will be closed.

On Tuesday, the committee held two sessions as sources close to the UN announced that the agenda of the current round of the committee’s work which was proposed by the Syrian government-backed delegation was approved.

The Mini-Committee consists of 45 members, 15 from the Syrian Government-backed delegation, 15 from members of the delegation of other parties, and 15 from members of the delegation representing civil society.

Last Friday, the expanded body of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution agreed on the members of the Mini-Committee and it approved a paper on the Code of Conduct and the measures which govern the work of the expanded and small bodies.

Source: News Agencies