Life wheel spins again in al-Amiryia and al-Tarfawi villages after liberation from Daesh, Homs Countryside

In an image reflecting the return of safe life that heralds peace and security , locals of al-Amiryia and al-Tarfawi villages in Homs eastern countryside head back to their villages looking for a better future after they had been forced to leave their homes under the pressure of armed terrorist groups.

SANA’s camera visited the villages of al-Amiryia and al-Tarfawi which had been liberated from Daesh “ISIS” terrorists by the Syrian Arab Army, and inspected the views of the displaced who returned to their homes after years of displacement and suffering.

“After being displaced with my family for about six years, I returned today to rebuild my house which had been destroyed at the hands of terrorists and to cultivate my land again, I don’t prefer to live in any other place than my village and house which represents my homeland where I find my dignity and pride,” Head of Peasants Society at al-Amiryia village told SANA.

Under the warm sun, Yahia al-Jardi, one of the village’s locals, sits near his house to enjoy moments he has always dreamt of while he has been away from his home while drinking coffee with his wife and their children are playing peacefully without fear or the terrifying sounds of shells.

Al-Jardi called upon all the locals whose villages and towns have been liberated from terrorism to return to them and to resume their normal life again.

Meanwhile, Um Sara was busy removing the rubbles from her house and rearranging its furniture, affirming that life returned to her after she returned to her home and neighbors amid an atmosphere of peace and security.

Ayman Othman, a father of five children who returned to the village after seven years of displacement, started to remove rubbles to be able to return to his home after hundreds of families returned to the village and after restoring security and stability to it.

In al-Tarfawi village, 73 km east of Homs City, Yusuf Ahmad al-Jassem returned with his family to practice their normal life in breeding goats and planting barely after suffering from the presence of Daesh terrorists who had forced the locals to evacuate their homes.

The school of the village embraces 30 students aged 6 to 12 years old with three teachers from the neighboring villages who volunteered to teach at the school, while one of the locals donated a two-story building till the school of the village will be rehabilitated after being destroyed at the hands of terrorists.

Amid enthusiasm and seriousness to gain knowledge, young children sit interested to pursue their study and their academic process in the face of what the Takfirists are trying to spread of dark mentality.
Source: News Agencies