Khamis inspects reality of services in Jaramana City, Damascus Countryside

Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Saturday evening visited Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside and inspected the reality of the provided services, the availability of materials and the trade movement in the city and he listened to the problems which the citizens in the city suffer from in the sectors of  public cleanliness,  transportation, electricity and water.

After the tour, Khamis, accompanied by Minister of Local Administration and Environment and  Damascus Countryside Governor, met representatives of civil and popular activities and parties and based on the proposals during the meeting, the Premier asked the bodies concerned in the city to prepare an integrated schedule on all the services and developmental requirements to be implemented in the city in line with the priorities.

The reality of the cleanliness and increasing the bread production lines, in addition to broadening the regulatory plan and the role of the City Council and improving the services were on top of the discussed issues during the meeting.

Handling the problems facing those who finished their military service was also one of the main points of discussion during the meeting.

Khamis underlined the necessity of the continued communication with the locals and solving the problems facing them, calling for preparing a developmental plan for the city which is related to the investment capabilities and the properties of the City Council.

He also called upon the bodies concerned to work on curbing the social problems in cooperation with the civil society.

Source: News Agencies