Is Egypt’s growing population paralyzing its way towards civilization?

Writer: Lobna Wassim

Alamia News
Egypt has changed a lot since the 90’s, in the past ten years it has witnessed a massive increase in its population.

But the real question is will this huge amount of population add to the country and be used as a “resource” or create a heavier burden on the government which barely functions?

In developing countries, it is common to find an increase in population, however, this increase has become very alarming to Egypt’s current economic situation.

Are Egyptians even aware of this problem?

Generally, Humans are considered a source of energy, and productivity if used right. Taking the nearest example for instance is china, it used its high amount of population and made great use of it, and strengthened its global market. South Korea as another example

In Egypt what can be done for these new generations? And how can they lead Egypt towards a better future? Will they ever do?

Such argument has been previously addressed, but no proper measures have been taken to create significant solutions.

To begin with the first thing that needs to be fixed is the Egyptian educational system which is the basic right any citizen in the world should have. The thing is that the whole teaching system is corrupted teachers are not well payed therefore forcing kids and parents to take private lessons so they can generate more profit, which is very discouraging for any student. The other ultimate solution which I and many other people did is to pay for your education, and that is of course if you can afford it…

This is not something uncommon for people living in Egypt since you basically need to pay for everything in order to get a proper service, education, healthcare, etc..

Such problem is in fact the basic foundation towards a much more developed country for the coming generations “that is at least 5-10 years from not” since I highly doubt something can still be done for the current youth in this country.

Was this problem addressed? yes it has, but nothing has been done about it even though quick solutions can be made such as creating agreements with experts in this field, getting other countries to assist Egypt, and literally investing some money.

But who is in charge of this, and who can Egyptians give their voices to?

The second thing that can be done, is that at least if the Egyptian government will not work towards creating a better basic service for any newly born citizen is to sell more birth control pills as a subsidy, and create more awareness campaigns that reaches the Urban areas.

In a 2014 report by El Tahrir institute for Middle East policy it was mentioned that “Egyptian government has struggled to provide even basic government services, and the authorities seem unprepared to deal with the additional stressors that emerge from the accelerating population growth rate seen in the country. Adding that there should be balance between the providers of the service and number of people benefiting from that service which is something that has been missing.

If anything should be tackled and solved then this subject would be one of the main, and most important issue. Especially that the growing population is coming from the poorer section of the society.