Economic problems, lack of foreign investments, the major drop in
tourism since the 2011 revolution has left many Egyptians outrageous.

It is quite debatable as to whether Egyptians will revolt once again and
cause more chaos in the country than what already exists.

It is important to note that according to many citizens Egypt was going
much more steady during the reign of Former president Hosni Mubarak,
even though the country was corrupted.

While others believe that nothing much has been done after the
revolution and the call for democracy, equality, and better living in
general for most of the people has not yet been fulfilled.

Since President El sis came to power he has made some significant
changes regarding the food-subsidy system to reduce waste and corruption
in bakeries, introducing a card system with points that allows consumers
to spend their allowance on a variety of goods rather than lining up for
bread that they end up throwing away.

He also focus on the Unity between all Egyptians by paying a visit to
the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo, the first time any Egyptian leader has
done so since Gamal Abdel Nasser.

On the other hand goods have become expensive to many people as their
incomes are not matching with the increasing inflation rate and
devaluation of the Egyptian pound, also due to the fact that most of the
products are mostly imported.

Projects such as the 8 Billion $ New Suez Canal has given hope to many
Egyptians that it will the re- boost the economy, however, it had not
made the expected profits until today.

Most of the local reporting stations, and tv presenters encourage people
to remain silent in order to avoid any more problems, and as long as
basic necessities for mainly of the poorer sections of the society is
being met that is sufficient, keeping in mind that it is a phase and all
Egyptians must go through it.

They strongly advise Egyptians that Egypt has been saved and it has not
been completely destroyed such as “Syria”, and that the Egyptian army is
on an ongoing battle in Sinai against Jihadists therefore they must
stand hand in hand with them.

It is in fact prominent that corruption still exists in many internal
and external sectors of the government, social gap has become even more
intense as the society is severely divided into two groups- The Higher
class – and the lower class. That itself can be considered a very
dangerous signal of the poorer section of the society revolting once

The younger section of the population feel they have lost their voice in
making a change and do not feel their presence will make much difference
in any key factors concerning Egypt’s economical, nor political issues.

That itself leaves Egyptians confused as to whether they should remain
patient and hope that the upcoming projects, and already established
projects will eventually bring more profits and boost the economy or
revolt again.

There are many indicators and opinions in the Egyptian streets, however
there are also clear messages that a huge amount of the population is
oppressed; economically, socially, and politically.