Injuries from ‘solid object’ caused death of Sudanese teacher: investigator

A Sudanese teacher taken into custody after protests died due to injuries caused by a “solid object”, according to a medical report cited on Thursday by the head of a state investigations committee.

The announcement came as hundreds of demonstrators rallied across the capital, responding to a call by activists for a “procession for victims of torture and arrests”.

The protests appeared to be the largest for around two weeks, witnesses said. Demonstrations against economic hardships and President Omar al-Bashir’s rule have spread across Sudan since Dec. 19, the most sustained challenge yet to his three decades in power.
The case of the teacher, who died on Friday after protests in the eastern town of Khashm al-Qirba, has triggered widespread anger on social media.

A regional police chief had initially said the teacher died of food poisoning.

The medical report released on Thursday said no toxins were found in the teacher’s body, the head of a investigation committee for the public prosecutor, Amer Mohamed Ibrahim, told reporters.

“The cause of death is from various injuries to his body from a solid, flexible object, to his back, kidneys and thighs, and between his legs,” Ibrahim said.
Source: News Agencies