Hundreds of displaced families return homes in Halfaya, Hama northwestern countryside

Hundreds of families started to return to their homes in Halfaya city in Hama northern countryside after the Syrian Arab Army had restored stability and security to its surroundings and after the full liberation of the northern countryside of the province from terrorism.

SANA’s reporter said that on Tuesday morning hundreds of families returned to their homes and lands in Halfaya city in Hama northern countryside, adding that this comes in framework of the efforts exerted by the state for the return of the displaced to their towns and villages after the army engineering units cleared them of mines and explosive devices.

The locals expressed happiness for returning to their homes and lands after years of displacement due to the crimes committed by the terrorist groups.

They saluted the Syrian Arab Army and its leaded President Bashar al-Assad for securing their return to their homes after eliminating the terrorist groups from Hama northern countryside.

A number of the returnees indicated that their return came after the victories achieved by the army against terrorism which wouldn’t have been achieved without the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army and the standing of the Syrian people with it in defending the homeland.

The affirmed that life wheel will spin again in Halfaya amid an atmosphere of security and stability.

Last August, Syrian Arab Army units liberated Hama northern countryside, in addition to liberating Khan Sheikhoun City and a number of towns and villages in the southern countryside of Idleb province after eliminating terrorists’ hotbeds in them.

Source: News Agencies