Facebook says outages due to ‘server configuration change’

The social networking site, Facebook, announced on Thursday the return of its service by 100%, after many complained to users around the world to benefit from its services or applications.

A spokesman for “Facebook” that the reason for this imbalance, is a problem in his server
“Facebook” continues to investigate the full impact of the disruption on its services, including the ability to refund money to advertisers.
Facebook has the worst interruption in its history, with the main services of the network and related applications becoming unusable for a large number of users around the world throughout Wednesday.

A number of users of the site faced problems in the publishing process, as well as media and other institutions.

Facebook was last hit by this level in 2008, when the number of users was about 150 million users – compared to about 2.3 billion users per month at the moment.

“The service interruption is unprecedented in terms of its length and reach,” said Dave Lee, a BBC correspondent for Silicon Valley.

“The length of time, in addition to the number of affected users, makes it the most serious failure in the history of Facebook.”

“The last period of downtime, which lasted longer than this time in 2008, when the number of Facebook users was 150 million users only.”

Source: News Agencies