Demonstrations in Washington, European capitals in condemnation of Turkish offensive on Syrian territory

Thousands demonstrated on Saturday in the US capital city of Washington and a number of the European capitals and cities in condemnation of the Turkish aggression against the Syrian territories.

Reuters News Agency said that dozens gathered in front of the White House, chanting slogans in condemnation of the US collusion with the Turkish aggression and demanding Erdogan’s regime to stop its offensive in northeastern Syria.

In France, more than 20 thousand people, including French political figures took to the streets in several cities in condemnation of the Turkish aggression as more than four thousand people gathered at the Republic  Square in the capital city of Paris, and then they headed for the Chatelet Square at the city center.

The demonstrators raised banners describing US President Donald Trump as a slaughterer and they described President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the real leader of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization.

They also denounced the European silence towards the Turkish aggression, demanding the imposition of tangible sanctions on the Turkish regime.

In Marseilles, southeast of France, about 6 thousand demonstrators called upon the European states to unify their stance in rejection of the Turkish offensive and to work on stopping it.

Meanwhile, about one thousand people demonstrated in a Strasburg, northeast of France, chanting slogans including “Erdogan is a Killer”.

In the same context, thousands of people organized demonstrations in a number of European cities such as Nicosia, Athens, Warsaw, Brussels, the Hague, Budapest and Vienna and thousands participated in demonstrations held in different German cities in condemnation of the Turkish aggression.

The German News Agency (DPA) said that more than ten thousand people gathered in Cologne while about four thousand people gathered in Frankfort in condemnation of the Turkish aggression.

Source: News Agencies