Chinese President Notes Moscow-Beijing Ties as Example for Other Nations

Chinese President Xi Jinping believes that relations between Moscow and Beijing are entering a new era when their development will serve as a guarantor of peace on the planet, and that they may serve as a model for other states.

“Chinese-Russian relations are entering a new era based on strong mutual trust and strategic mutual support… and serve as a reliable guarantor of peace and stability on the planet. Our relations serve as a model for the formation of international relations of a new type and a community of humanity’s single destiny”, the Chinese leader said at a gala evening marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.
Xi Jinping maintains that Russian-Chinese relations are characterized by strong mutual political trust and strong mutual support.

“We should carefully preserve the mutual trust established between us”, he said.

The Chinese leader believes that it is necessary to build mutual support in matters affecting the vital interests of each other and uphold the strategic direction of Chinese-Russian relations despite any interferences.
He noted that interaction between Beijing and Moscow is aimed at promoting a multipolar world and boosting democracy in international relations to create a more prosperous, stable and fair world.
“Entering a new era, Chinese-Russian relations need to strengthen the common interests of the two countries and expand their points of contact”, he said, specifying that this meant expanding all sorts of economic ties.

The Chinese leader reiterated that for 70 years, regardless of changes in Chinese-Russian relations, the friendship between the two peoples remains firm as a rock

“Let the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations be a new start for us on the path of jointly opening the wonderful future of the Chinese-Russian comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation in a new era!” Xi said.

He said that he was very pleased to be at the Bolshoi Theater with Russian President Vladimir Putin, because 70 years ago, Chairman Mao Zedong visited the Soviet Union for the first time, and the Bolshoi Theater witnessed the opening of a new page in the history of Chinese-Soviet friendship.Putin said he was confident in the benefits of Russian-Chinese cooperation for the world, and was pleased with the level of development of economic cooperation between the two countries.

“Now we are striving to work closely on the world stage in the interests of stability, global and regional security. Together, our countries make a great contribution to solving acute world problems. They oppose new challenges and threats, jointly advocate the formation of a new fair world order based on multipolarity, strict observance of international law, the UN Charter, equality and mutually beneficial cooperation”, the Russian leader said.Russian-Chinese relations are at an unprecedented high level, Putin stressed.
“Given their enormous potential, we are not going to stop at what we have achieved,” the Russian president assured, recalling the statement adopted earlier in the day, which sets new, ambitious benchmarks for bilateral partnership.

Speaking about economic cooperation, Putin noted the increase in trade and the fact that Russian-Chinese cooperation in the energy sector had become strategic in nature.

On Wednesday evening, the Pyatnitsky State Academic Russian Folk Choir and the China National Traditional Orchestra gave a concert in the Bolshoi Theater performing Russian and Chinese songs.Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping also attended a photo exhibition at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater, dedicated to the 70 years of cooperation between the two countries.

The exhibition features 70 pictures taken by photographers from both Russia and China and showing key world events that took place in the past 70 years. For example, there are photos from bilateral talks between Putin and Xi, an immortal regiment march in Beijing and a 2015 meeting between Chinese and Russian war veterans in China’s northeastern Changchun city.

Xi will also attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), which will open on Thursday and will run through Saturday.

Source: News Agencies