Bars of Damascus: a diversity with a magical touch!

Bars of Damascus: a diversity with a magical touch!
Bars of Damascus: a diversity with a magical touch!

Shaza Mayassah

Alamia news

Damascus has always been a city of diversity on many levels. Unlike most of the other capitals around the world, it amazingly combines the modern with the ancient and consequently has its own unique print which is difficult to copy or find in any other place. 

What helps in drawing the full picture of the diverse Damascus now is the bars scattered around in both the old and new parts of the city. They present a tourist attraction and a fabulous reflection of an amazing lifestyle which cannot be seen fully in any other place. 

In the old city, mainly Bab Tuma and Bab Sharqi, a lot of bars can be seen while walking in the streets at night. What makes these bars special is the old style of architecture which keeps the amazing features of a rich heritage and adds a lovely flavor of the present through music and menus. 

St. Paul, for example, is a vivid example of this combination of the spirit of the past with a taste of creatively selected songs and karaoke. Surprisingly, this bar is located next to Hanania church which is itself an explicit reflection of coexistence whose aspects have been looked at as deformed through the past six years of war

However, the modern part of the city also adds to the diversity of the experience through some modern bars. One of them is Thirteen& Co. which is located on the roof of Al-Fardous Tower in the city center. It has been built and decorated creatively according to the  modern style of architecture with a clear interesting bohemian touch which also adds to the uniqueness of the place along with a charming view of the Damascene houses scattered around over the hills.

However, this great diversity can have further implication rather than being just a combination between the ancient and the modern; it can also present an important aspect of life which gathers different people of different backgrounds and mentalities. It is really attractive how such places can be a destination for all people who may share a dance, a song or a laugh without thinking of what class or ideology each of them belongs to. 

It seems that what war appears to destroy in one place, simple details in our daily life heals through bridging the gap between what war has destroyed and what seeds our nature has kept inside waiting for a touch to flourish. Apparently, the bars of Damascus have this magic touch!

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