Bab El-Maqam…a living witness to ancient history of Aleppo

Bab El-Maqam…a living witness to ancient history of Aleppo
Bab El-Maqam…a living witness to ancient history of Aleppo

Bab El-Maqam is one of Aleppo’s oldest gates that played a defensive role in repelling the aggressors where the gates were tightly shut in the face of invaders but at the same time they were open for trade and communication with peoples of the region.

Bab al-Maqam or El-Maqam Gate, which is located to the east of the ancient city of Aleppo, is adorned with stone inscriptions carved in a wonderful decorative manner dating back to the Zanki era.

It leads to the Shrine of Ibrahim Al-Khalil in al-Saleheen neighborhood south of Aleppo.

The Gate was set up during the reign of Al-Malik az-Zahir Ghazi and completed in the reign of his son, Al-Malik al-Aziz.

The Gate is of  three main entrances to the south, civil engineer Ahlam Aslan explained, saying that the arch-shaped middle entrance, which was used for the passage of vehicles and riders, is ornamented with decorations  and emblems dating back to the Mamluk era .

The left entrance, she said, was designated for pedestrians to prevent congestion in old Aleppo.

Al-Maqam Gate, as Aleppo’s other gates , ends in downtown Aleppo and is surrounded by  many archaeological historic buildings.

Camera SANA toured Bab al-Maqam and met with a number of people where Mahmoud Mawas said it is one of Aleppo’s ancient gates that leads to Bezza Square, which was famous of fabric.

Mohamed Othman Bilal, owner of a shop in the area , spoke about the ancient  gate, recalling the habits, traditions and the amity days experienced by inhabitants of the neighborhood with their ancient folkloric Arabic-style clothing.

Firas Ajouz said that he was born and raised in al-Maqam Gate, one of the most important of Aleppo’s nine doors; he added the gate leads to the neighborhoods al-Mghazleh, al-Hawarneh and al-Asela, then to the old city’s archaeological souq (market) .

Symbolism of the Gate stems from the unique ancient architectural-style of building.

El-Maqam Gate was damaged due to terrorism and now it is under restoration.

Source: News Agencies