Autumn: More than a season in Syria

Autumn: More than a season in Syria
Autumn: More than a season in Syria

Shaza Mayassah

Alamia news
Seasons leave their special impacts on cities and places. People around the world have their favorite seasons. Some even plan their vacations to places around the world according to seasons. In Syria, seasons add their effects emotionally and artistically to cities, especially autumn.

A fascinating sensational, aesthetic and maybe spiritual experience is waiting for you if you decide to visit Syria in autumn and try some interesting activities. What draws Syria’s uniqueness in this season is the variety of its nature and culture and consequently increases the range of things you can see or do.

One example is camping out in the mountains. Syria has got a lot of fabulous places which can serve as perfect locations for camping like the mountains of Lattakia and Tartous, in addition to the countryside of Damascus and Homs. At this time of the year, you can enjoy the stunning scenes of autumn with its amazing colours around in the nature and the chilly weather which makes a simple experience like gathering around the fire even more special and cozy.

Moreover, some people prefer to add hiking to their mountainous experience, especially at night when you can feel the ultimate purity of nature along with the quiet atmosphere where all you can hear is the different echoes of creatures living in the mountains and the sound of autumnal breezes in the trees.

However, a deep experience of meditation can be lived whether with a mountainous experience, or even by the seaside since the Syrian coast is rich with beaches with natural views around. Many people gather in different quiet places as groups to do yoga or even to enjoy some meditation and clear their minds after a noisy busy summer.

In addition to these interesting activities, visiting religious and spiritual places in Syria has another taste in autumn. Syria is famous for having many old and traditional churches and mosques, in addition to having many shrines referring to different ethnicities living in the area. They all make favorite destinations for people especially in autumn for the extra calmness and peace they offer at this time of the year.

It seems like the weather and the place can together form a perfect environment for practicing our humanity in so many ways and refresh our minds and bodies entirely. Thus, Syria appears to amazingly offer its best even through hard times. What can be more generous than offering what you mostly need, namely peace?