Army foils an attack by terrorists on a number of its posts north of Hama, kills scores of terrorists in Idleb countryside

The Syrian Arab Army on Wednesday conducted military operations against fortifications of the terrorist organizations and their supply routes in different areas in Idleb southern countryside, killing scores of them and injuring others, in addition to destroying their positions and rocket launching pads.

Meanwhile, army units engaged in fierce clashes with terrorist groups in Hama countryside in retaliation to their breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement.

SANA reporter said that army units engaged in clashes with terrorist groups which attacked military posts in the direction of al-Hamamyat in Hama northern countryside.

A number of terrorists were killed in the clashes and others were injured, in addition to destroying two of their vehicles which were equipped with directed rockets while the remnants of terrorists fled away towards their backlines.

Earlier on the day, the reporter said that army units conducted concentrated bombardments since down on fortifications and positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and the affiliated groups and their supply routes on outskirts of al-Habit town which is considered a basis for terrorists from which they launch their attacks on military posts and safe areas in Hama countryside.

The reporter added that scores of terrorists were killed in the bombardments and others were injured, in addition to destroying their fortifications, supplies and a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

The reporter indicated that the positions of terrorist groups of Tarmala village in Idleb southern countryside were targeted on the outskirts of the village with intensive strikes conducted by the army units through rocket launchers.

Source: News Agencies