A partial building collapse due to terrorist rocket attack, Aleppo City

The terrorist organizations fired a rocket on al-Zahra neighborhood near the western outskirts of Aleppo City which landed on a 4-story building, destroying part of it and trapping a number of citizens inside the building without any casualties.

Chairman of Aleppo City Council Ma’ad Madlaji told SANA in a statement that a 4-story building in al-Zahra neighborhood was attacked with a rocket by terrorists from the direction of the western countryside of Aleppo City, causing the collapse of part of the building.

Madlaji added that the building was evacuated from people, asserting that 3 people have been recovered from beneath the rubble and the work is underway to recover two others trapped. He stressed that no casualties were reported.

Army units conducted concentrated bombardments and rocket strikes in retaliation to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and affiliated groups and their attacks against the safe neighborhoods in Aleppo, targeting the terrorist groups hideouts and fortifications in their spreading areas in the western countryside of the City.


Source: News Agencies