A capsule belonging to Spice X disconnects from the space station and begins to return to Earth

Space champion Crow Dragon began a journey back to Earth on Friday after successfully breaking away from the International Space Station.
The flight of the unmanned spacecraft is a milestone and turning point for Elon Musk’s space company, and for NASA’s long-awaited goal of resuming US manned space flights later this year, according to Reuters.
The 4.9-meter-long capsule was powered by the space station on Sunday, a day after it was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida aboard a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a test doll called Ripley.
Crew Dragons delivered supplies and equipment to the ISS. During her five-day stay, US astronaut Ann McLean and Canadian astronaut David San Jack tested capsule and lost her cabin.
Crow Dragons will spend a little time in space before returning to the Earth’s atmosphere and is scheduled to land in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the Florida coast at 1345 GMT, just hours after the break-off (0731 GMT).

Source: News Agencies